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CLAWFINGER had a contract with Nuclear Blast between 2005 and 2007. During this time, they released the following albums:

• Hate Yourself With Style (2005, info | shop)
• Life Will Kill You (2007, info | shop)

Less than two years after their last album “Hate Yourself With Style”, the Swedish Crossover legends CLAWFINGER are returning with their new album “Life Will Kill You”.

Again, the band have managed to deliver high quality songs with catchy choruses and killer hooks. To be honest: “Life Will Kill You” is probably their best album since the sensational debut “Deaf Dumb Blind” released back in 1993. Listen to the aggressive opener “The Price You Pay”, the sing-along hymn “Life Will Kill You” and “Where Can We Go From Here” and you will find your favourite CLAWFINGER songs since “Nigger”, “Tomorrow”, “Do What I Say” and “The Biggest And The Best”!

Never change a winning team: Once again the album was produced by the band itself in their own Fear And Loathing-Studios in Spånga (Sweden), a studio they run together with their good friends MESHUGGAH. The band was formed back in 1988. The music fanatics Zak Tell and Jocke Skog worked in the same hospital – CLAWFINGER were born.

In 1993 the legendary debut "Deaf Dumb Blind" was released. The album sold more than 600,000 copies world wide and the song "Nigger" became a big hit. The second album "Use Your Brain" (1995) included hits like "Do What I Say" and "Pin Me Down" and solidified the status of CLAWFINGER in the scene. 1997 saw the birth of "Clawfinger", the third album, which, again, pleased all fans with typical CLAWFINGER songs. After a long break, CLAWFINGER came back with "A Whole Lot Of Nothing" (2001) and "Zeros And Heroes" (2003).

In 2005 CLAWFINGER signed a deal with Nuclear Blast and worked hard on their album "Hate Yourself With Style", which turned out to be their heaviest and most furious album up to date. If you weren't into CLAWFINGER, then you’ll be with them from now on. If you always liked CLAWFINGER, you will love them now. And if you loved CLAWFINGER, you’ll crack up!

Zak Tell (Vocals & Lyrics)
Bård Torstensen (Guitars)
Jocke Skog (Keyboards, Vocals)
Henka Johansson (Drums)
Andre' Skaug (Bass)