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EX DEO had a contract with Nuclear Blast in 2009.During this time, they released the following album:

• Romulus (info | shop)

"There's nothing more real than history... the empire that changed the world forever..."Maurizio Iacono / EX DEO Maurizio Iacono – KATAKLYSM growler and mastermind – has a new project waiting for all of you Epic Death Metal aficionados out there: EX DEO!

This project and its debut album "Romulus" are a concept effort on the ancient empire Rome; a dream Maurizio wanted to realise for ages and now finally could pin down. Support comes from his bandmates JF Dagenais (who also produced the album), Stephane Barbe and Max Duhamel. Francois Mongrain (MARTYR) and Jonathan Leduc (BLACKGUARD) complete the EX DEO line up.
And of course Maurizio also has some illustruous guests in stock: Karl Sanders (NILE) can be heard soloing on 'The Final War (Battle Of Actium)', Nergal (BEHEMOTH) is singing on 'Storm the gates of Alesia' and Obsidian C (KEEP OF KALESSIN) is shredding on 'Cruor Nostri Abbas'! Comments Maurizio: "It`s an honor for me that such talented musicians and friends lended their art for a couple songs on this album. I only asked a few selected people that had involvement with history through their music and are related to this bands` concept, so I salute them for contributing to Rome`s rise and they shall be amply rewarded for it." So check out this bombastic and epic monster of a debut album – witness the rise of Rome!

Maurizio Iacono (Vocals)
JF Dagenais (Guitars)
Stephane Barbe (Guitars)
Francois Mongrain (Bass)
Max Duhamel (Drums)
Jonathan Leduc (Keyboards)