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Fetish 69 formed in Vienna, Austria, in 1987. The band has some ties to countrymates and (initial) labelmates Pungent Stench, whose guitarist Martin Shirenc guested on their Brute Force EP in 1993. Initially their music was informed by hardcore and death metal with industrial undertones, however since the release of Purge the band has moved further into electronic industrial territory. Ever since the late 80s this peculiar name has graced a band that stood for an incurable love for burnouts, outcasts, freaks, and weirdoes. Slightly twisted guys themselves, frankly, the band has brewed up a scary concoction that includes industrial soundscapes, flickering video loops, and a singer who lets his obsessions run amok. In the early and mid-90s a new Fetish 69 line-up then discarded some of the experimentalism in favor of an all-out wrrrock assault that took no prisoners.