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With Immortal being disbanded a few years back, the metal scene suffered a great loss. Not only did they spearhead the rise of brutal and epic Norwegian metal, but their live shows where second to none. Despair not, Abbath has assembled his troops and returns with a vengeance. "I" picks up where Immortal left off, but with a new edge. With classic riffs, monumental choruses and epic arrangements, the upcoming album will make a great impact on the scene. "I", the new band fronted by Immortal's Abbath, has signed a deal with Nuclear Blast for their upcoming album. Featuring members from Immortal, Gorgoroth and Enslaved, and lyrics by former Immortal guitarist Demonaz, you can expect an explosive album later this year! The band will enter the studio at the end of April and will be available for interviews later. The first chance to see "I" live will be at the Hole In The Sky Festival in Bergen, Norway, August 26th. More news and information coming soon…

Abbath (Vocals)
T.C. King (Bass)
Ice Dale (Guitars)
Armagedda (Drums)