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MALEVOLENT CREATION is back to blast and grind their way back to the top of the extreme metal heap. With four fifths of the Stillborn lineup intact, along with long time drummer Dave Culross (SUFFOCATION, INCANTATION), there is no stopping these highly influential veterans.
On Doomsday X, the bands tenth full-length studio outing, the group has honed its skills to killing perfection. It’s no wonder why bands like SLIPKNOT have cited this band as a major influence over the years.

MALEVOLENT CREATION started their career in 1987 in Buffalo, NY, where they recorded and distributed their first demo.

In 1988 they moved to a more fertile music scene in Florida and produced their second demo with a pressing of 1,000 copies. Finally, a third demo the following year, brought MALEVOLENT CREATION a record deal with Roadrunner and the first full-length album titled The Ten Commandments, considered by many to be one of the strongest Death Metal debut albums of all time.

The recording process for the following albums, such as Retribution and Stillborn, were riddled with line-up changes, marking the beginning of a common occurrence that has since become a MALEVOLENT CREATION trademark. As mastermind Phil Fasciana sums it up, "If you're too slow, you've got to go." Never allowing the revolving door of musicians to affect the power and skill of the band in a negative way, the rotation only added mystery and fan interest in the next step of the band’s career. Continuing to fight their martial battles stronger and stronger with each release, MALEVOLENT CREATION never let anyone down with new additions or replacements.
The turning point for the band’s sound came with a move to the now defunct Pavement Music. It marked somewhat of a departure from the bands previous efforts and marked the first time vocalist Brett Hoffman would part ways with the band. The band would record two albums Eternal and In Cold Blood with Jason Blachowicz on both bass and vocal duties. Hoffman would then return on the The Fine Art Of Murder but it wasn’t until the milestone release of Envenomed that the band would make a triumphant return to form.

Soon Hoffman would leave again making way for new growler Kyle Symons (HATE PLOW). Two earth scorching releases followed in the form of The Will to Kill and their Nuclear Blast debut, Warkult, permanently cementing the band as a vital part of today’s extreme music scene. Recorded by one time session drummer Gus Rios and mastered by the omnipresent Alan Douches, the production is clear and crisp and for lack of a better word “brutal.” Mick Thompson of SLIPKNOT fame even lends a guitar solo to the soon to be fan favorite “Deliver My Enemy.” Form vocalist Kyle Symons contributes guest vocals to the track “Bio-Terror” as well. The band recently delivered a show stealing performance at this years Maryland Deathfest, reaffirming the bands status as one of the scenes top live acts.

With tours planned for this Summer and Fall, be sure to catch this devastating live act when they come to your town. The end of the world is near and MALEVOLENT CREATION is here to make sure you enjoy every last minute of it.

Brett Hoffmann (vocals)
Phil Fasciana (guitar)
Jon Rubin (guitar)
Jason Blachowicz (bass)
Dave Culross (drums)