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IMPORTANT-Name Change Due to current issues, we have found it best the band change names. We are now called MANTIC RITUAL. Though we have always liked the name MELTDOWN, we feel this is a necessary step for us to avoid confusion with the other bands out there using the MELTDOWN name. We feel that now is the appropriate time to make the change as our debut album is forthcoming on Nuclear Blast and we plan to tour as much as possible in support of the release. There are no other changes within the band besides the name of the band. So when you see MANTIC RITUAL on flyers, online, or at your local CD store, just remember that it's us doing what we've always been doing. We wish only to please our fans and it's our hope that you will embrace us as Mantic Ritual.

Adam Haritan (Drums)
Ben Mottsman (Bass)
Jeff Potts (Guitar)
Dan Wetmore (Guitar/Vocals)