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New Eden's debut, Through The Make Believe, received critical acclaim, with its distinctively 80's American power metal style. With the acquisition of vocalist James Rivera (ex-Helstar), the future looked bright indeed. But personality clashes within the band arose, with the eventual result being four of the five members (all except guitarist Horatio Colmenares) leaving, eventually forming Destiny's End, while Colmenares eventually recruited a second New Eden lineup. The result is two quality bands, as subsequent albums by both of the bands are better than Through The Make Believe. On Obscure Master Plan, New Eden still play 80's metal with a progressive edge, but the focus is more riff-oriented, with a more aggressive stance than that of the debut. Since the Obscure release there have been numerous lineup changes, most noteably the addition of ex-Steel Prophet vocalist Rick Mythiasin. A new album, Stagnant Progression, which has been in the works for a couple of years now, was finally self-released by the band at the end of the year in 2003 (for now, only available from the band themselves).