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PRIMAL FEAR and NUCLEAR BLAST have teamed up once again! The relationship between the German metal commandos and the label from southern Germany goes back over 20 years, since »Primal Fear« released their self-titled debut in February 1998 via Nuclear Blast. The record hit the top 50 in the German “Media Control” charts where it stayed for a sensational three weeks. They later released classics such as »Jaws Of Death« (1999), »Nuclear Fire« (2001), »Black Sun« (2002), »Devil’s Ground« (2004) and »Seven Seals« (2005) before parting ways with Nuclear Blast for a while and releasing another six very successful albums, including their top ten record »Apocalypse«.

The new album »Metal Commando« is yet another level in the life and times of these soaring metal eagles. PRIMAL FEAR delivered a jolt to German heavy metal as early as 1998 with their eponymous, ferocious debut, fortifying their well-earned status with a following onslaught of rapid successors. They have now achieved a rebirth of epic proportions, even outperforming their viciously strong last release »Apocalypse« (2018).

Those who hailed PRIMAL FEAR before will surely kneel before »Metal Commando«, and those who aren't already addicted to the southern German's sound, simply now have no reason to not fall for it. The songs are too strong, the hooks too merciless, the refrains too huge -their trademark phalanx of three guitars is too insurmountable and the riffs too unerring to be resisted.

Ralf Scheepers (vocals)
Mat Sinner (bass, vocals)
Alex Beyrodt (guitars)
Tom Naumann (guitars)
Magnus Karlsson (guitars)
Michael Ehré (drums)