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RIDE THE SKY had a contract with Nuclear Blast in 2007. During this time, they released the following album:

• New Protection (info)

Having already established themselves in the competitive hard rock scene with their many previous projects, the five musicians Uli, Kaspar, Bjorn, Benny, and Mathias are now ready to step out into a new international spotlight with their latest project RIDE THE SKY . The fruits of this stirring new union will soon include the band's debut album NEW PROTECTION ready to be unleashed this fall.

The RIDE THE SKY groundwork goes back to early 2006 when drummer extraordinaire Uli Kusch (while still a member of Masterplan) met vocalist Bjorn Jansson (Tears of Anger) to exchange early musical ideas. When Uli departed Masterplan later that year, Bjorn and Benny asked Uli to drum on the upcoming Tears of Anger album. Impressed by the excellence of the four songs, that were sent to him, Uli himself returned the favor and sent them a few of his own songs.

The genesis of RIDE THE SKY was in place!

Determined to assemble the highest caliber of talent to complete the band, the trio recruited renowned keyboard player Kaspar Dahlqvist, and bassist Mathias Garn?s. Among the five of them, these stellar musicians have the experience of over 70 various albums! Uli Kusch has appeared on almost twenty-five, bringing to RIDE THE SKY the extensive experience from such legendary bands as Gamma Ray, Helloween and Masteplan as well ass numerous world tours. Bjorn sang on critically acclaimed albums by Tears of Anger and Beyond Twilight. Benny has appeared on approximately 30 records as studio musician and he also released three fusion solo albums. Kaspar was involved in the Swedish melodic power metallers Dionysus and has appeared on albums and tours with such luminaries as Stormwind and Circle II Circle. Finally, Mathias is a veteran of the Swedish music scene and an accomplished bassist and master of metal, pop and fusion as well as a member of XsavioR.

This thrilling ensemble has been busy for several months rehearsing, producing and spreading the word about RIDE THE SKY . They soon will be capping off this hard work by releasing their highly anticipated debut album NEW PROTECTION. The band's perfect blend of enthusiasm and experience is well reflected in their tough, yet melodic sound, a sound that is equally infectious as it is captivating with its multitude of musical landscapes, though provoking concerns and intelligent lyrical contents.

The album is bound to elevate RIDE THE SKY into contention to join the oligarchy of European hard rock. The music of RIDE THE SKY creates crucial feelings of curiosity with its modern power metal aggression, yet colored by AOR and progressive elements and elaborate orchestral arrangements. It is a complex and challenging music that never compromises its heaviness or intricacy.

RIDE THE SKY has the potential and ability to not only entertain the masses, but to raise people's consciousness and make RIDE THE SKY a force to count on the crowded hard rock world. Watch for their distinctive approach to reshape metal music in this new millennium.

Bjørn Jansson (Vocals)
Uli Kusch (Drums)
Benny Jansson (Guitar)
Mathias Garnås (Bass)
Kaspar Dahlqvist (Keyboards)