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Formed in Orange County, California during the winter of 2011 as a project between former band mates Justin Bock and fellow guitarist Mike Entin, bassist Brad Reihl, and drummer Will Peacock, SPEAKING THE KING’S demos quickly captured the attention of A Day To Remember producer, songwriter, and former guitarist TOM DENNEY (Pierce The Veil, Secrets), who ushered the band into his Florida-based studio to record their first arsenal of music. With studio time already booked and lacking a singer, SPEAKING THE KING’S members launched a fevered search for a vocalist. It was vocalist Bobby Burap – who was recommended by a mutual friend – who clinched the position as frontman. With his veteran stage presence, his talent to sing melodies, and abilities to sing in both the clean and the aggressive registers, no one can blame the guys for choosing him. (Bobby’s welding talents were definitely a bonus, as a touring band never knows when they’ll suffer from a broken axle in the middle of nowhere.)

Within five month’s time, SPEAKING THE KING’S released a music video for “One Foot At A Time,” toured throughout Southern California, invented new ways to sin in Las Vegas, upped the highest recorded temperature in Arizona, and shared the stage with We Came As Romans, Of Mice & Men, Winds of Plague, Bleeding Through and Blessthefall.

The band’s debut album was dropped in October 2015 and is called "Carousel".

Come see SPEAKING THE KING’S perform live. They’ll remind you what you’re made out of… in blood and in spades.

Bobby Burap (Vocals)
Mike Entin (Guitar)
Justin Bock (Guitar)
Will Peacock (Drums)